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Some of the most hazardous days to drive

Georgia residents who do a lot of driving are probably quite aware of those days that pose the most danger on the roadways. While many high-risk days occur during major holiday seasons, some do not. The days leading up to daylight saving time, Friday the 13th and St. Patrick's Day are also risky for motorists, based on recent findings.

Drivers dangerously distracted by brief glances away from road

Some Georgia drivers may have heard advice from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that they should not take their eyes off of the road for more than two seconds at a time. However, according to a new study conducted by the Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety, even two seconds is long enough to leave a driver dangerously distracted.

Car accidents involving children are heart wrenching

A family's holiday turned into a nightmare when their 5-year-old son suffered serious injuries in a Georgia accident. The accident happened during the last weekend of March. Car accidents in which children are injured are understandably devastating.

A real tragedy occurs when teens are killed in car accidents

A tragic single-car accident on a recent Wednesday led to the death of a 17-year-old Georgia youth. The teenager was traveling with an 18 year old. Fatal car accidents are always tragic, but when teenagers or children are the victims, they are even more disconcerting.

Georgia car accidents: Girl flown to hospital for injuries

Many Georgia roads are usually busy with distracted drivers, particularly during the holiday season. The car accidents that sometimes result can cause injuries to victims involved. In one incident, a young girl was seriously injured in a crash.

Georgia car accidents often have serious consequences

Negligent driving, which comes in many forms, can have serious consequences. Whether a driver is driving while distracted, driving under the influence or just driving recklessly, he or she can be held responsible for the consequences that stem from car accidents caused by his or her negligence, even if he or she is killed in the accident. Tragically, a fatal crash of this nature recently claimed the lives of four Georgia residents and left only one survivor.

Car accidents kill 2 in Georgia over recent weekend

Separate car accidents occurred on a recent Saturday night. The two car accidents left two people dead and others hospitalized. Georgia authorities indicate that the accidents happened just two hours apart from each other. The accidents are still being investigated by state patrol.  

4 car accidents on Georgia Interstate; 1 child seriously injured

A 9-year-old boy suffered serious injuries after being involved in a car accident. The boy was injured in one of the four car accidents that occurred on Interstate 75. Georgia authorities indicate that traffic was backed up for miles.

Georgia Car Accidents: 4 injured in accordion-style crash

Everyone has their typical morning routine; for some this involves getting the kids out the door for school, while others need to get to work or school themselves. A significant number of Georgia residents end up in their car, shuttling around to where they need to be, as part of this routine. For an unfortunate few, these routines are interrupted by car accidents. Currently, such an incident involving several vehicles is under investigation by local police.