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Motorcycle accidents -- sad when children are the victims

An accident involving a motorcycle and a pickup truck in Georgia on a recent Sunday afternoon in mid March has led to the hospitalization of two people. The accident once again underscores how little motorcyclists are protected in an accident. Motorcycle accidents so often lead to serious injury, as in this incident.

What are the chances of motorcycle accidents being fatal?

Riding on a motorcycle holds a greater risk for a rider and passenger than driving or riding in a car. Not only are cars more stable than motorcycles, but they are also a lot more visible. Due to the lack of protection offered by motorcycles, motorcyclists are more likely to be fatally or seriously injured in motorcycle accidents than drivers or passengers who are in car accidents.

Georgia motorcycle accidents: Man injured on highway

Motorcyclists are often in grave danger when they enter the roadways. Often, motorcycle accidents in Georgia can cause serious injuries that can be life-threatening. Recently, a man was injured in a motorcycle crash in Lafayette.

Georgia motorcycle accidents can have deadly consequences

Most motorists know that car accidents are dangerous events. Motorcycle accidents are often even more dangerous as a rider has little protection from an impact. Georgia residents were reminded of this after a recent motorcycle wreck took one man's life.

Motorcycle accidents all too common in Georgia

Motorcycles can be thrilling to ride. They offer a sense of freedom not typically felt when driving a regular passenger vehicle. However, motorcycles are also harder for other motorists to see, which is a leading cause of motorcycle accidents in Georgia.