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Lawsuits filed in fatal Amtrak passenger rail accident.

Many Georgia residents are aware of the May 12 Philadelphia Amtrak accident that resulted in multiple fatalities. A conductor of the train involved in the fatal derailment was critically injured and has filed a lawsuit against Amtrak, accusing the company of negligence. The conductor's lawsuit is one of several that have been filed as a result of the accident.

SUV accidents lead to death, injury in Georgia

One recent Georgia accident involving a sport utility vehicle sadly left one person dead and another person injured. SUV accidents and other types of car crashes can easily occur if the driver of a vehicle is being negligent behind the wheel. Even though monetary compensation cannot reverse the tragic consequences of a fatal or injury accident, it may help the victims and their families to more easily move forward.

Fatal SUV accidents may have been caused by product defect

SUV accidents always have the potential to cause injuries or even death, but the chance of serious or fatal injuries is often exacerbated when the vehicles are defective. In a recent Georgia accident, a boy was killed when the Jeep in which he was riding burst into flames after being rear ended by another vehicle. Fiat Chrysler may now have to answer for his death and a number of others that occurred in similar SUV accidents. 

Commercial vehicle accidents a concern for Georgia residents

Car accidents happen every day in Georgia. Some are just minor fender benders, and others have more serious or fatal consequences. Commercial vehicle accidents, such as those involving semis or other larger vehicles, often result in serious injuries or worse.