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Some of the most hazardous days to drive

Georgia residents who do a lot of driving are probably quite aware of those days that pose the most danger on the roadways. While many high-risk days occur during major holiday seasons, some do not. The days leading up to daylight saving time, Friday the 13th and St. Patrick's Day are also risky for motorists, based on recent findings.

Drivers dangerously distracted by brief glances away from road

Some Georgia drivers may have heard advice from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that they should not take their eyes off of the road for more than two seconds at a time. However, according to a new study conducted by the Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety, even two seconds is long enough to leave a driver dangerously distracted.

Lack of vehicle maintenance can be costly

Georgia motorists may worry about the cost of having maintenance work performed on their vehicles. In some cases, the normal wear and tear on certain vehicle systems can lead to high bills for normal upkeep. Even a simple oil change can be inconvenient when one's budget is limited. However, vehicle owners may find that a lack of recommended maintenance can lead to serious and costly damages. Additionally, the life of service for a vehicle can be reduced by 25 percent or more when maintenance tasks are performed infrequently or ignored.

Georgia car accidents: 2 teens dead and 1 injured

Car accidents usually happen when drivers least expect them. When car accidents do happen, they can cause victims to suffer from a number of serious injuries and can also result in death. Regrettably, two Georgia teens died in a recent car crash that happened in Franklin County.

Georgia truck accidents: 2 injured in South Georgia crash

Most people know that truck accidents are much more horrific than car accidents. When truck accidents do occur, victims are more likely to suffer serious injuries due to the size and weight of a tractor-trailer. A truck accident that happened in South Georgia left two drivers with injuries.

Georgia car accidents: Man dies after woman runs stop sign

When drivers fail to heed traffic signs and signals, car accidents often occur. A recent three-car accident in North Georgia is just one such accident. Unfortunately, like so many other car accidents in intersections, this one ended with a fatality.

Driver errors can lead to deaths in Georgia car accidents

Accidents can result from a wide variety of causes; however, most result from driver errors. Unfortunately, even the smallest errors can lead to car accidents that result in injuries or even deaths, leaving families to pick up the pieces. This is true for a case in which a 58-year-old Georgia man lost his life after he was involved in a weekend crash.

Hit-and-run car accidents in Georgia can have deadly consequences

Leaving the scene of an accident, also called a hit and run, is against the law. Even so, many people choose to run from the scenes of car accidents out of fear of the consequences. In a recent case, a Georgia woman was sentenced to four months in jail and five years probation after pleading guilty to the charge she faced due to her involvement in a 2010 hit-and-run accident.