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Posts tagged "Car Accidents"

Automakers agree to add automatic braking systems by 2022

In a voluntary agreement brokered by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, automobile manufacturers have committed to including automatic emergency braking systems on almost all vehicles by 2022. As these safety systems become more common, motorists in Georgia could expect to see a reduction in rear-end crashes.

Figuring out liability in crashes when no one is driving

Modern technology has done some incredible things for cars and trucks in recent years. Safety features like park assist, lane correction and blind spot sensors have helped drivers all across Augusta avoid countless collisions; apps for phones that block messages while a person is driving and hands-free devices that allow drivers to make calls or get directions without picking up a phone have helped to decrease distraction.

Multiple people injured in crash caused by sleeping driver

Driving while impaired is the cause of far too many preventable accidents across the U.S. Unfortunately, some people associate impairment only with alcohol and fail to recognize that there are many other conditions that can have a negative impact on a person's ability to control a motor vehicle safely.

Unsafe driving can lead to serious crashes in construction zones

During the summer, drivers in Georgia likely notice the several road construction projects that are underway in the state. In fact, according to the Georgia Department of Transportation, summer is the busiest season for road maintenance and construction.

The devastating effects of car accidents once again evident

A head-on collision between two cars on a Georgia highway that occurred on a Friday morning at the end of March is a clear illustration of the devastating effects a car accident can have on those involved. Car accidents impact the lives of young and old, as is evident in this instance. The lives of both of the drivers may change after the accident.