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Man dies after detached trailer collides with vehicle

A 58-year-old Georgia man was killed on Sept. 20 after his vehicle collided with a trailer that had broken free from a truck. The Georgia State Patrol stated that the accident occurred on Cat Creek Road just about one mile from the Moody Air Force Base in Valdosta.

Coming soon: Operation Safe Driver Week

Georgians might want to know about the upcoming Operation Safe Driver Week, which is scheduled to happen during the week of Oct. 16 to 22 across the nation. The annual event, put on via a collaborative effort of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Administration and local law enforcement agencies nationwide, aims to reduce problematic driving behaviors that can lead to serious injury accidents.

Truck accidents statistics show major changes from 2013 to 2014

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration monitors truck accidents in Georgia and across America, and it publishes yearly reports that detail how many accidents occur and recounting important secondary information about them. Upon review of the truck accident statistics for the years 2014 and 2013, a curious pattern was discovered.

Proposed regulations for truckers still not ready for release

Georgia residents might like to know that there has been a further delay in the release of new federal trucking regulations. These rules target commercial drivers in an attempt to prevent speeding and driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

FMCSA takes serial drunk driver off the road

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is tasked with enforcing the safety regulations dealing with commercial vehicles like semi-tractor trailers and buses on roads in Georgia and around the country. One of the most important duties of the FMCSA is sanctioning drivers that routinely ignore traffic laws or violate federal regulations, and the agency has announced that a California truck driver was taken off the road on March 25 due to repeated drunk driving offenses.

New rule could impact Georgia truck drivers

On March 7, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration was scheduled to propose a new rule that would require core training for drivers before getting their commercial driver's license. The Entry Level Driver Training rule is now subject to a 60-day comment period before it would then be submitted to the DOT and the Office of Management and Budget. If the rule is approved, it would take effect three years after being published in the Federal Register.

Car maker to test autonomous trucks

Tractor trailers are essential in that they transport goods and materials we depend on but unfortunately, they are not always safe. In some cases, they are not well maintained. In other cases, they are not operated properly. In either situation, there is a very real risk of a semi truck crash, which can prove to be catastrophic.

Why are log books important in truck crash investigations?

The aftermath of an accident involving a huge semi truck can be catastrophic. These crash scenes can involve backed-up traffic, several emergency response vehicles, injured motorists, potential cargo spills and extensive property damage. It can be overwhelming and chaotic.

Truck wreck on I-16 claims the lives of 5 nursing students

On April 22, Georgia State Patrol was on the scene of a fatal multi-vehicle accident on Interstate 16 about 20 miles west of Savannah. The crash occurred around 6 a.m. when the driver of a big rig did not slow down for slower moving traffic and rear-ended an SUV. Next, the truck rolled over the top of a smaller vehicle, which became engulfed in flames. Seven vehicles were damaged before the rig came to a rest after colliding with the back end of a tanker.