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5 social media mistakes to avoid during divorce

Social media is a regular part of life now. You might not realize it, but the things you say and show on social media might have an impact on your divorce. As long as you are going through the divorce process, you must ensure that you aren't doing anything that can harm your settlement. Make sure that you aren't doing these five actions on social media while your divorce is in progress.

Could my soon-to-be ex be hiding assets?

You are in the midst of a divorce and trying to crunch the numbers on your marital assets and debts. Something seems a little off. Your joint assets seem to be shrinking while your debt is quite high, often accrued in the recent past. What's really going on - is your ex squirreling away joint marital assets and running up debts?

Can you withhold child support because of visitation issues?

Divorce is often a difficult period for everyone involved. Both spouses are typically experiencing powerful emotions, and any marital children may be struggling with the dissolution of the family they've known. When former spouses have a hard time agreeing on critical aspects of a divorce, such as child support, custody, and visitation, it can make a difficult situation even more problematic.

Who gets what: Division of property in Georgia

The decision to dissolve a marriage comes will many additional choices. One of the primary goals of the divorce process is finalizing those choices and resolving any disputes that may arise. Over the course of a marriage, couples tend to accumulate assets in many forms. The division of this property is generally a central concern for both parties and each state has rules and regulations determining how this division is achieved.