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Auto tech and aging motorists

Older motorists might view their driving privileges as an important factor in maintaining independence, but some of the physical challenges as people age can affect their ability to safely navigate Georgia roads. The baby boom generation is beginning to experience these challenges to a greater degree as the first members of this demographic group reach 70 years of age. The number of drivers at or over the age of 70 is expected to exceed 50 million by 2030, which means that there could be higher rates of accidents involving this group. However, technologies being developed and refined today could counteract this issue.

Documents an attorney needs for a car accident claim

A person who has been involved in a car accident in Georgia may want to contact an attorney to help with an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit against a negligent driver. In order to help a car accident victim pursue compensation, an attorney must obtain several documents and pieces of evidence from the victim.

Determining liability in a car crash

There are situations when others could be responsible for a Georgia car accident even if they were not behind the wheel when it happened. For instance, if parents allow their teenager to drive a family car, thy may be responsible for what the child does. This is referred to as the family car doctrine, and it may apply even if the teen isn't named as an additional driver on the insurance policy.

Automakers agree to add automatic braking systems by 2022

In a voluntary agreement brokered by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, automobile manufacturers have committed to including automatic emergency braking systems on almost all vehicles by 2022. As these safety systems become more common, motorists in Georgia could expect to see a reduction in rear-end crashes.

Figuring out liability in crashes when no one is driving

Modern technology has done some incredible things for cars and trucks in recent years. Safety features like park assist, lane correction and blind spot sensors have helped drivers all across Augusta avoid countless collisions; apps for phones that block messages while a person is driving and hands-free devices that allow drivers to make calls or get directions without picking up a phone have helped to decrease distraction.

Multiple people injured in crash caused by sleeping driver

Driving while impaired is the cause of far too many preventable accidents across the U.S. Unfortunately, some people associate impairment only with alcohol and fail to recognize that there are many other conditions that can have a negative impact on a person's ability to control a motor vehicle safely.