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How prescription drugs can lead to arrest

When you start a new prescription drug, the last thing you'd expect is to find yourself looking for your next high. Unfortunately, many prescription drugs are highly addictive, and that can result in patients who end up with real problems stopping. Severe withdrawal, side effects and symptoms increase the likelihood of a patient being unable to stop.

The most common pitfalls in a high asset divorce

Getting divorced is never easy, even if you and your former spouse both agree a divorce is the best option for everyone. The more assets you have, the more likely you are to experience issues during the divorce. Chances are good that you and your former spouse will have trouble agreeing on who gets what during a divorce.

8 things to consider when you are facing drug charges

Facing a drug charge is often very stressful. Many of these charges can lead to you having to pay fines. Some might mean that you have to spend time in prison or jail. Ultimately, your defense strategy is one possible way that you might be able to minimize these points.

Do you need a qualified domestic relations order

If you are considering divorce, the court might require you to have qualified domestic relation order (QDRO). If your spouse is entitled to a share of your retirement benefits, a QDRO establishes her right to receive payments according to the divorce decree. While a QDRO is often used to distribute retirement funds to a former spouse, you can also have one in place to ensure money is paid from the account to your children.