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The types of prescription drug crimes in Georgia

Prescription drugs are often presumed to be legal in all circumstances, since they are dispatched for medical reasons, unlike drugs such as cocaine. However, prescription drugs are only legal when they are taken as prescribed by the patient to whom they were prescribed. If a person takes a prescription drug that was prescribed to another person, this is engaging in illegal behavior.

If you are worried that you may have broken the law due to your use of prescription drugs, or if you have been accused of breaking the law, you must take the time to understand the types of prescription drug crimes in Georgia. The following is an overview.

Possessing or using drugs that have not been legitimately prescribed

Drugs that have been prescribed to a patient are for their use only. If another person uses them, it can be extremely dangerous for their health. Some people misuse prescription drugs for recreational purposes, and if they are found to be in the possession of prescription drugs that have been illegitimately prescribed, they can face serious legal consequences.

Distributing prescription drugs

Selling drugs that have been legitimately prescribed to you can lead to being charged with a crime. To be found guilty of such an act, it is not always necessary to have actually sold the drugs. For example, if you start stockpiling a certain drug and have clear plans to sell them to others, you could be charged before you take action to sell the drugs.

Common defenses to accusations of prescription drug crimes

There are often routes to successfully defend yourself against an accusation of a prescription drug crime. For example, you may be able to show that you had accidentally stockpiled the drugs since you no longer needed to use them. Additionally, if you were in possession of another person's prescription, it may have been because you had been trusted to take care of them. This can often be the case when prescriptions are made for elderly people.

If you are worried about being accused of a prescription drug-related crime, you should be proactive in understanding the law and forming a compelling defense. By taking early action, you will have the best possible chance of avoiding charges.

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