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Facing drug charges? You can challenge the evidence

Drug possession charges are serious matters, and in the wrong circumstances can lead to months or even years of jail time. No matter what kind of possession charges you face, you should begin building a defense to protect your rights and your future opportunities as soon as you can.

Many defendants feel hopeless and believe that the evidence against them is simply too strong, and they give up before they even consider all their options. This is dangerously foolish, especially considering that drug charges are often not as air-tight as they may seem at first.

If you worry that your drug charges are too much to overcome, examine the evidence and consider all of your legal options. Even if you don't see the charges dismissed altogether, you may succeed in significantly reducing your sentencing, which could mean avoiding months or even years of imprisonment.

Why should you request laboratory testing of drug evidence?

Requesting third-party lab testing of the evidence against you creates two opportunities to beat your charges. More often than you might think, police misplace drugs that they remove from a crime scene, if there ever were any in the first place. If they cannot produce the evidence against you, it is much harder to prove that you are guilty of possession.

In some cases, police charge suspects with possession after misidentifying or simply making up evidence, especially if prejudice exists in the arrest interaction. Despite the fact that this behavior receives much more public scrutiny these days than it used to, you may find yourself answering to unfair charges because of an unethical police officer, so it is always a good idea to force the prosecution to produce the evidence.

It is also possible that the evidence does not match your charges, or that the tests produce inconclusive results. You have little to lose by testing the evidence. There is a chance that the test produces results that conflict with the charges, which is good for your defense. If the test confirms the charges, then you face the same charges you did before the testing.

Don't wait to defend your future

Your future is in serious jeopardy if you face drug possession charges, so you should begin building your defense as soon as you can. The longer you wait, the more difficult it is to protect your rights and potentially avoid harsh punishment. Drug charges are certainly serious, but they are often easier to beat than you might think.

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