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Summer vacations: Making memories with your children

The end of the school year comes with the fun prospect of summer vacations for families. These are meant to be an enjoyable break from normal life. When you are divorced and have children, you might find that vacation takes on a new meaning. It is a time for you and your children to connect and make memories.

One aspect of this type of vacation that you need to remember is that your children might want to share the memories with their other parent. This is understandable, so make sure that you are prepared to help this happen. Here are some tips you might find useful on a vacation with children after a divorce:

Take pictures

Take as many pictures as you can of the vacation. This doesn't mean that you should be so stuck behind the camera that you can't have fun. Instead, find a balance where you can snap some pictures and still participate in the activities. These pictures can share the vacation with your ex and they can serve as mementos of the trip for years to come.

You might consider sharing pictures each evening with your ex. This isn't necessary but it might be something that your children enjoy so they can feel like they are connected with your ex even though they are apart. Plus, this is a nice gesture that could be reciprocated one day.

Plan for chats

Communication with your ex isn't likely on the top of your list of fun things to do on vacation, but it might be necessary so that your children can still talk to their other parent. Some children can video chat or use other similar methods to keep in touch. Try to make time throughout the trip to allow. It will likely help the children and put the other parent's mind at ease while the child is out of town.

Keep a journal

You don't have to keep the journal, but you should encourage your children to keep one. Consider finding a nice notebook or something similar so that the child has a dedicated place to keep track of things. Not only is this a good place to write down memories, but it is a chance to see things from your child's perspective. This can help them to share those memories with their other parent.

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