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How prescription drugs can lead to arrest

When you start a new prescription drug, the last thing you'd expect is to find yourself looking for your next high. Unfortunately, many prescription drugs are highly addictive, and that can result in patients who end up with real problems stopping. Severe withdrawal, side effects and symptoms increase the likelihood of a patient being unable to stop.

When the patient can no longer get the drugs he or she needs, that paves the way for drug abuse, either by purchasing the prescription drug illegally or by turning to other drugs to avoid withdrawal symptoms. Whether or not the drug use is legal, you can be accused of illegal actions and arrested in some cases. Here are a couple reasons you could be arrested while taking prescription drugs.

Dangerous driving

Even with legal prescription drug use, you can be arrested if you drive dangerously or participate in other illegal acts. While you can defend yourself by showing you're taking a medication, the authorities expect you to know whether or not you are safe to drive.

You should be able to see if your medications will affect you by looking at the bottle. If it says that you could become drowsy, make sure you wait to see how you feel before getting behind the wheel.

Doctor shopping

Prescription drugs can also lead to an arrest if you doctor shop to get another prescription. Doctor shopping is when you go to multiple doctors to get more of a controlled medication than you're allotted. For instance, if your primary physician gives you a 30-day supply and you run out early, going to another doctor to get another prescription (to have two prescriptions on hand) is against the law.

These are just a few instances where even taking your medications normally and legally could result in an arrest. Remember that you need to drive safely and may not have multiple prescriptions for certain drugs from multiple doctors at one time, or you could face penalties for drug abuse or other charges.

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