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8 things to consider when you are facing drug charges

Facing a drug charge is often very stressful. Many of these charges can lead to you having to pay fines. Some might mean that you have to spend time in prison or jail. Ultimately, your defense strategy is one possible way that you might be able to minimize these points.

If you are facing drug charges, consider these points so that you can get a head start on your defense.

#1: Invoke your right to remain silent

Your defense strategy should start as soon as you realize that you are going to face criminal charges. The police officer who arrests you will read you your Miranda rights. Invoke them quickly and in a way that can't be denied. Let the officer know that you are invoking your right to remain silent and that you want your attorney present before you say anything.

#2: Don't think the charge will go away

The charges against you won't just vanish. You should start to think about your defense plan right from the start. Even if you are sitting in jail and aren't able to bond out just yet, you should think about how you are going to defend yourself against the charges.

#3: Plan for a trial

Even if you are going to try to resolve your case before trial, you should still prepare for a trial just in case you can't come to any agreements about the resolution. The last thing that you need is to show up for a trial completely unprepared. Instead, start thinking about how you will handle presenting your side.

#4: Consider a pretrial diversion option

Your case might qualify for a pretrial diversion option. One example is drug court. Think carefully about this option since it usually involves very strict requirements about what you must do to complete it successfully.

#5: Think about a plea deal

You might be able to get a plea deal that can resolve your case without the uncertainty of trial. Generally, you will need to plead guilty to specific charges in exchange for a specific punishment or range of punishments. You would work with your defense attorney to negotiate with the prosecution.

#6: Don't count out civil rights issues

Civil rights issues, such as an illegal search and seizure, might be a component of your defense. Discuss anything that you think was amiss with your attorney so your defense can address it.

#7: Think about the consequences

The consequences you are facing are your fuel. Thinking about these should help you to put forth the time and effort necessary for your defense.

#8: Address each point in the prosecution's case

Each point in the prosecution's case is a possible point for your defense. Address each one in your defense if there is something that you can call into question. Your defense goal is to introduce doubt about the prosecution's claims so you can't be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

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