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5 social media mistakes to avoid during divorce

Social media is a regular part of life now. You might not realize it, but the things you say and show on social media might have an impact on your divorce. As long as you are going through the divorce process, you must ensure that you aren't doing anything that can harm your settlement. Make sure that you aren't doing these five actions on social media while your divorce is in progress.

#1: Showing off

Making it seem like you have more than you really do is tempting. The pictures you share on social media should provide an accurate depiction of your current life. Pictures or status messages that could make you seem like you are wealthier than you truly are can work against you.

Similar to what might occur in a bankruptcy case, you might find that the picture of you posing with a brand new luxury sports car might have the court question whether you have hidden assets or income. Instead, post what is accurate. Add in explanations if you think someone might mistake something.

#2: Bad-mouthing your ex

Even though it is really tempting, don't bad mouth your ex. There is a chance that your ex could use that information against you during the divorce. If you have children together, slandering your ex can make it more difficult to come to a custody agreement. It can also make it more difficult to work through any issues that come up with the custody arrangement.

#3: Lurking or hacking

Don't try to hack your ex's social media account to find out secrets. This is illegal and can lead to your facing legal penalties. Even lurking might not be a good idea because you might find out upsetting information that leads you to act out of character.

#4: Trying to hide

Blocking your ex might be necessary, but don't do this out of spite. If you don't want your ex to see what you are posting, you can adjust the privacy settings on your account. Remember that you might have to stop mutual friends from seeing things you don't want your ex to know. A better idea is to just stay quiet on social media until your divorce is over.

#5: Subliminal messages

When you write out statuses, it is easy to try to send subliminal messages to your ex. This can backfire during the divorce because it might make it seem like you don't need any financial support or assets out of the divorce. Stick to messages that are clear and that your ex can't misconstrue. You can post freely once the divorce is final.

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