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Auto tech and aging motorists

Older motorists might view their driving privileges as an important factor in maintaining independence, but some of the physical challenges as people age can affect their ability to safely navigate Georgia roads. The baby boom generation is beginning to experience these challenges to a greater degree as the first members of this demographic group reach 70 years of age. The number of drivers at or over the age of 70 is expected to exceed 50 million by 2030, which means that there could be higher rates of accidents involving this group. However, technologies being developed and refined today could counteract this issue.

Many motor vehicle accidents involving elderly drivers are related to problems with vision or mobility. New lighting technologies include swiveling headlights that adapt based on the direction of a steering wheel to improve visibility at night. Dashboard cameras can assist with viewing areas that cannot be easily observed because of difficulties in turning one's head. Self-driving systems are being developed to provide drivers with options that mirror an airplane's autopilot feature. It is important to understand that these robotic technologies are still in development. In fact, the autopilot feature of Tesla's Model S vehicle was in use during a fatal highway accident. Drivers may not always abide by the restrictions and recommendations related to the use of such systems.

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