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Dangerous myths for motorcycle riders

Georgia motorcycle riders may want to keep in mind that there are a number of myths about their pastime. Understanding the truth behind those myths can help to promote safety and prevent accidents from occurring.

One is that wearing leather is a fashion statement. Leather is actually a good way to protect against abrasions and other wounds as well as protecting riders from wind chill. Full-face helmets are safer than open-faced helmets and also offer protection from the elements. They do not interfere with peripheral vision, and they offer a less distracting ride.

Beginners may have heard that a big bike is a good idea, but they are also much more difficult for a new rider to control. It is also not true that loud pipes are life-saving. While riders may have heard that the noise alerts cars that they are approaching, most of the sound is actually lost behind the bikes.

In addition to not being heard, riders may not be seen either, and it is dangerous to assume a driver does see them. Riding near the dividing line increases visibility. Motorcyclists should also not assume that they are safer on roads and streets than on highways. According to a study conducted in 2007 by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 90 percent of motorcycle crashes involving passenger vehicles happen off of interstates.

Motorcyclists can be particularly vulnerable in accidents. Without the protective structure of a vehicle around them, they might be seriously injured, and an accident that leaves car and truck drivers uninjured can result in catastrophic injuries to motorcyclists. When the accident is caused by the negligence of an automobile driver, a personal injury attorney can be of help in seeking compensation for the victim's losses.

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