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Features of SUVs that can contribute to accidents

If you have been in an accident involving an SUV, odds are quite high that you have suffered serious injuries as a result. Despite the considerable advancements in safety that have been made over the years, the fact remains that SUVs can be dangerous and cause extensive damage to occupants and other motorists in a crash.

There are certain elements of SUVs that play a critical role in how they should be manufactured and operated. Additionally, the features that make them appear safer to drive than other vehicles can be the very things that ultimately put motorists in more danger. With these notes in mind, we will take a look at a few common causes of SUV accidents.

To begin with, car companies that manufacture SUVs can make the same bad choices or mistakes when making SUVs as they can on any other car. They may use defective parts, leave out effective safety features or prioritize luxury over safety. These unsafe or missing elements can and do lead to crashes.

Because of their size and weight, SUVs should be handled a little differently than smaller vehicles. Blind spots can be larger and impacts that a driver in a car would feel may not faze a person inside an SUV. Because of these factors, SUV drivers must stay especially alert and aware of their surroundings.

Further, even though the size and height of an SUV can be of benefit to drivers of these vehicles, they could actually do more harm than good in regards to crashes. Their height, for example, can make it hard for other motorists to see around SUVs. It can also increase the risk of rollover. In fact, according to data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, more SUV occupants were killed in SUV rollovers that involved no other type of contact than occupants of cars and pickups.

Whether you were hit by an SUV or riding in one when an accident occurred, the fact is you can be suffering from devastating injuries. In these situations, getting medical help should be a top priority. Then it can be wise to discuss your situation with an attorney as you very well may have grounds to file a lawsuit seeking damages. 

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