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Multiple people injured in crash caused by sleeping driver

Driving while impaired is the cause of far too many preventable accidents across the U.S. Unfortunately, some people associate impairment only with alcohol and fail to recognize that there are many other conditions that can have a negative impact on a person's ability to control a motor vehicle safely.

In fact, research has suggested that drivers who are fatigued can be just as dangerous behind the wheel as drivers who are drunk. Being drowsy or falling asleep while driving can lead to serious -- and sometimes catastrophic -- crashes. One recent crash right here in Georgia is a harsh reminder of the extent of damage that can be done in an accident caused by drowsy drivers.

According to reports, the driver at the center of the crash was driving a vehicle that typically saves people from injuries: an ambulance. He reportedly stated that he indeed fell asleep which caused him to run through a red light. The ambulance struck a bus carrying several passengers and at least one other vehicle.

The collision between the bus and the ambulance was so strong that after being hit, the bus then crashed into a building. Several of the passengers on the bus were injured, including the bus driver who was the most severely injured. Additionally, the patient inside the ambulance, the ambulance attendant and one other person had to be transported to the hospital.

Falling asleep while driving is something that no one intends to do, but it can and does happen. When it does happen, the result is often a crash causing devastating injuries.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident similar to the one discussed in this post, it can be crucial that you speak with an attorney to explore your options for pursuing compensation for damages suffered.

Source: 11Alive, "Police: Sleeping ambulance driver caused Emory bus crash," Dec. 8, 2015

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