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Damages often catastrophic after interstate crashes

Driving on the highways and interstates in Georgia can be unavoidable for many of us. And while they might be a little more stressful for drivers and often get congested, they are typically the fastest routes to get from point A to point B. 

Unfortunately, the very factors that make interstates convenient also make them a danger in the event of an accident: They allow a high number of vehicles to travel at high speeds. In the absence of a crash, these are positive aspects. However, when there is a crash, the high speeds and congestion can contribute to catastrophic injuries.

Unfortunately, no place is this more evident than right here in Georgia. According to recently released data, I-285 surrounding Atlanta is the deadliest interstate in the country. 

Statistics show that in 2013, the I-285 had more fatal accidents per mile than any other interstate in the entire U.S. In that one year, 29 people were killed in a whopping 26 fatal crashes on that one interstate alone. Overall, the state of Georgia ranked as the seventh-highest for most fatal crashes in the country.

Victims of interstate crashes are vulnerable to many factors that can turn even a minor fender bender into a life-threatening situation. At higher speeds, impact is more forceful and can do much more damage. Add to that the numerous other vehicles in the vicinity that can also get involved and you have the potential for a very serious crash scene.

Further, those same factors can make it more difficult for other motorists to react to and avoid an accident scene which means the threat of injuries reaches beyond the initial crash.

Because of how serious interstate crashes can be, victims are often left with life-changing injuries. In the worst cases, people do not survive these accidents. Considering all the harm done in these situations, it can be crucial for victims and their families to explore their options to pursue compensation for the physical and emotional damages that may be suffered.

Source: WSB-TV, "America's deadliest interstate is in Georgia, study says," John Spink, Nov. 7, 2015

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