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Despite safety measures and laws, motorcyclists still in danger

When drivers get behind the wheel of their cars, they don't typically stop to actually think about things like what they're wearing or how they will stay safe on the road. However, these are things that motorcyclists take into consideration every time they get on their bikes.

Motorcycles are unfortunately at a disadvantage on Georgia roadways. They are smaller and harder to see and in the event of a crash, riders can be catastrophically or fatally injured due to the lack of crash protection on motorcycles. In order to avoid accidents and protect themselves on the road, motorcyclists often do a number of things to make themselves visible to motorists and stay safe.

In order to stand out and be seen by other people on the road, motorcyclists are required to have a headlight on at all times, including during the day. Georgia laws do not have acoustical criteria when it comes to maximum sound level and mufflers, meaning drivers may hear a bike before they see it. Some riders even choose to wear bright or reflective clothing.

In terms of protection, there isn't much on a motorcycle so it is often up to the rider to protect himself or herself. Riders in this state are required to wear helmets, for example. And eye protection is also required for riders of bikes without windscreens. It is also common for riders to wear heavy-duty clothing that can protect them from road rash. Beyond these things, however, there isn't much that stands between a car and the rider.

When you stop to consider the amount of effort motorcyclists put into even short trips to the grocery stores, it seems especially upsetting that motorists don't always take the time to be safe when sharing the road with a motorcyclist. In too many cases, drivers put riders' lives in danger because drivers aren't taking the time to make themselves aware of the smaller vehicles around them.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a serious motorcycle accident and feel that a reckless or negligent driver is to blame for the damages suffered, you can discuss your situation and your legal options with an attorney. 

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