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September 2015 Archives

Despite safety measures and laws, motorcyclists still in danger

When drivers get behind the wheel of their cars, they don't typically stop to actually think about things like what they're wearing or how they will stay safe on the road. However, these are things that motorcyclists take into consideration every time they get on their bikes.

Brake enforcement efforts aimed at preventing truck crashes

One of the major responsibilities that commercial vehicle owners and operators have is to make sure their vehicles are safe and properly maintained. These enormous vehicles can sustain heavy wear-and-tear due to the fact that they travel long distances and often carry very heavy cargo.

Car maker to test autonomous trucks

Tractor trailers are essential in that they transport goods and materials we depend on but unfortunately, they are not always safe. In some cases, they are not well maintained. In other cases, they are not operated properly. In either situation, there is a very real risk of a semi truck crash, which can prove to be catastrophic.