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Lawsuits filed in fatal Amtrak passenger rail accident.

Many Georgia residents are aware of the May 12 Philadelphia Amtrak accident that resulted in multiple fatalities. A conductor of the train involved in the fatal derailment was critically injured and has filed a lawsuit against Amtrak, accusing the company of negligence. The conductor's lawsuit is one of several that have been filed as a result of the accident.

The 33-year-old conductor was reportedly taking a break in the first car when the train derailed. Reports say that the train suddenly surged forward and accelerated from 70 to 106 miles per hour before crashing. The conductor sustained several injuries from the crash, including a fractured neck, back and both broken shoulders. Out of all the Amtrak employees, his injuries were believed to be the most severe. Five other people on the train were taken to the hospital in critical condition, where they were expected to remain for several weeks.

More than 200 people on the train were injured and eight were killed. In addition to the conductor's lawsuit, one other Amtrak employee and four passengers have filed lawsuits against the passenger rail line. As of May 19, authorities did not know what caused the train to accelerate and derail. Human error and equipment malfunction were investigated as possible reasons for the crash. The 32-year-old engineer who sustained a concussion in the crash reported that he had no memory of the moments leading up to it.

Commercial vehicle accidents often lead to multiple injuries. Victims may be eligible to file personal injury lawsuits for medical expenses and other damages related to the accident if it is determined that it was caused by the negligence of another party.

Source: Reuters, "UPDATE 2-Conductor hurt in Philadelphia train derailment sues Amtrak" May 19, 2015

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