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The devastating effects of car accidents once again evident

A head-on collision between two cars on a Georgia highway that occurred on a Friday morning at the end of March is a clear illustration of the devastating effects a car accident can have on those involved. Car accidents impact the lives of young and old, as is evident in this instance. The lives of both of the drivers may change after the accident.

It is reported that the two cars collided head on after one of the drivers crossed over the center line into the path of the other vehicle. According to reports. an 18-year-old driver crossed into the path of an 83-year-old driver. Apparently, the older driver was unable to avoid the younger driver's vehicle.

When paramedics arrived, they found both drivers trapped in their cars. Both men suffered serious injuries to the lower parts of their bodies. Fortunately, the injuries were not life threatening. The 18-year-old victim was airlifted to a medical center in the region, while the older driver was transported by road to the same medical facility. Although an investigation is still underway, authorities stated that charges against the younger driver are pending.

In Georgia, victims seriously injured in car accidents like this one may choose to file personal injury claims. Those pursuing claims will need to prove that the injuries that resulted were caused by the negligence of other drivers. Successful personal injury claims, in which evidence proves that negligence caused the accidents, may provide the injured victims some financial relief from the unexpected costs arising from the accidents.

Source:, "Two injured in head-on collision", Wes Mayer, April 1, 2015

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