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Lack of vehicle maintenance can be costly

Georgia motorists may worry about the cost of having maintenance work performed on their vehicles. In some cases, the normal wear and tear on certain vehicle systems can lead to high bills for normal upkeep. Even a simple oil change can be inconvenient when one's budget is limited. However, vehicle owners may find that a lack of recommended maintenance can lead to serious and costly damages. Additionally, the life of service for a vehicle can be reduced by 25 percent or more when maintenance tasks are performed infrequently or ignored.

Simple maintenance tasks like oil changes are important for efficient vehicle performance. Without consistent care, a vehicle's operating costs can increase by up to 700 percent. Ignoring the oil in a vehicle could result in an engine failure that costs thousands of dollars to rectify. Worn tires, timing belts, brakes, plugs, filters and PCV valves are additional mechanical elements that require inspection and occasional replacement. Repairs typically cost much more due to physical damage caused to a vehicle when a situation is ignored.

The neglect of some maintenance tasks can contribute to car accidents. For example, a brake failure could lead to a collision that has the potential to injure or kill another party. Similarly, driving on worn tires creates the risk of a blowout, which could affect other vehicles or pedestrians on the road. These issues could happen even if proper maintenance has occurred, but a vehicle owner could face serious legal and financial consequences if deliberate vehicle neglect results in an accident that causes injury or death to another party.

An individual who is injured in a car accident that involves a brake failure or tire blowout might decide to seek compensation beyond that provided by insurance agencies. A lawyer might work to demonstrate that the owner neglected maintenance of the involved vehicle as a strategy for proving that individual's responsibility for the wreck.

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