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Car accidents involving children are heart wrenching

A family's holiday turned into a nightmare when their 5-year-old son suffered serious injuries in a Georgia accident. The accident happened during the last weekend of March. Car accidents in which children are injured are understandably devastating.

The accident occurred while the family stopped to rest on their journey returning from a vacation. A car driven by an elderly lady jumped the curb and pinned the young victim between the car and a picnic table. Apparently, the driver wanted to brake, but accelerated instead.

The car struck the young boy and three additional people. The boy's grandfather was also hit by the car, as well as a nurse and an unknown person. The nurse was flung onto the car's windshield. The unknown party tried to push the boy out of the way of the car.

The father says all three of these people are heroes as they disregarded their own injuries and focused on helping his son. Together, they freed his son from the deadly trap. The injured boy was taken to a children's hospital in the area. He was admitted to critical care and treated for collapsed lungs and broken ribs.

In Georgia, seriously injured victims of car accidents caused by the negligence of someone else are entitled to pursue personal injury claims. In this instance, the claim would likely be filed by the parents on  behalf of the child. Any monetary damages awarded as the result of a successfully litigated lawsuit could help the victim's family better cope with medical bills, rehabilitation costs and any lost wages due to missing time from work while caring for the boy.    

Source:, "Bedford Boy Seriously Injured In Georgia Accident", April 3, 2015

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