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April 2015 Archives

Truck wreck on I-16 claims the lives of 5 nursing students

On April 22, Georgia State Patrol was on the scene of a fatal multi-vehicle accident on Interstate 16 about 20 miles west of Savannah. The crash occurred around 6 a.m. when the driver of a big rig did not slow down for slower moving traffic and rear-ended an SUV. Next, the truck rolled over the top of a smaller vehicle, which became engulfed in flames. Seven vehicles were damaged before the rig came to a rest after colliding with the back end of a tanker.

Lack of vehicle maintenance can be costly

Georgia motorists may worry about the cost of having maintenance work performed on their vehicles. In some cases, the normal wear and tear on certain vehicle systems can lead to high bills for normal upkeep. Even a simple oil change can be inconvenient when one's budget is limited. However, vehicle owners may find that a lack of recommended maintenance can lead to serious and costly damages. Additionally, the life of service for a vehicle can be reduced by 25 percent or more when maintenance tasks are performed infrequently or ignored.

Car accidents involving children are heart wrenching

A family's holiday turned into a nightmare when their 5-year-old son suffered serious injuries in a Georgia accident. The accident happened during the last weekend of March. Car accidents in which children are injured are understandably devastating.

The devastating effects of car accidents once again evident

A head-on collision between two cars on a Georgia highway that occurred on a Friday morning at the end of March is a clear illustration of the devastating effects a car accident can have on those involved. Car accidents impact the lives of young and old, as is evident in this instance. The lives of both of the drivers may change after the accident.