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What are the chances of motorcycle accidents being fatal?

Riding on a motorcycle holds a greater risk for a rider and passenger than driving or riding in a car. Not only are cars more stable than motorcycles, but they are also a lot more visible. Due to the lack of protection offered by motorcycles, motorcyclists are more likely to be fatally or seriously injured in motorcycle accidents than drivers or passengers who are in car accidents.

Georgia motorcyclists and their passengers should consider the risks involved and ensure their safety as much as possible. Helmets are very important to the safety of motorcyclists and their passengers, as serious head injuries are very common among fatally injured bikers. Research has shown that a helmet is approximately 37 percent efficient in the prevention of death and approximately 67 percent effective for the prevention of serious brain injuries. Fortunately, Georgia is one of the 19 states requiring a motorcycle helmet by law.    

In 2013, just over 4000 bikers died in motorcycle accidents across the United States, which constitutes 13 percent of all motor vehicle fatalities. Many of the bikers killed on U.S. roads in 2013 did not have a driver's license with a motorcycle endorsement. Of the 4000 biker fatalities, 91 percent were male, with the majority of these being the rider, while 61 percent of all females who died in bike accidents were passengers. Only 59 percent of the fatally injured motorcycle riders wore helmets, while 49 percent of passengers who were killed wore helmets. 

There is no doubt that motorcycle accidents are common occurrences and often have serious consequences for riders and passengers. If negligence proves to be the root cause of an accident, a victim of a Georgia motorcycle accident who has been seriously injured may choose to file a personal injury claim. The families of deceased victims of motorcycle accidents may choose to file wrongful death claims. Damages awarded due to a personal injury or wrongful death claim may provide financial stability during an understandingly difficult time for a victim or his or her family.

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