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Truck accidents may permanently impact lives of victims

When an accident between a truck and a motor vehicle happens, the size and mass of the truck provides protection for the truck driver, while the occupants of the lighter vehicle may have very little chance to escape injury. Georgia victims of truck accidents must be cautious of companies that try and shift the blame away from their drivers in an attempt to lessen their liability. Truck accident injuries are often catastrophic and life-changing, and therefore, victims of such accidents may need legal help.

When a victim is faced with medical bills and lost wages due to injuries, and costs seem to be piling up, he or she needs a lawyer whom he or she can trust. The lawyers at our firm understand that the court system is a complicated system that may be daunting to accident victims. We will guide a victim and help him or her navigate the many twists and turns of the legal system in order to get the job done.

Often, trucking companies protect themselves by sending an investigator to the accident scene very soon after an incident has been reported by the driver. These investigators may approach injured victims, asking questions in the hospital or even at the scene of the crash. Victims should refrain from answering these questions and consider consulting with a lawyer as soon as possible.

Our Georgia firm will conduct our own thorough investigation, gathering evidence from the crash scene and, when possible, getting the information that is stored in the truck's black box. We will also consult with different specialists, including accident scene reconstruction specialists, medical doctors, etc. to ensure we evaluate your case fully to find the best solution. Victims of truck accidents can read more on our truck accident page.

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