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February 2015 Archives

Truck accidents may permanently impact lives of victims

When an accident between a truck and a motor vehicle happens, the size and mass of the truck provides protection for the truck driver, while the occupants of the lighter vehicle may have very little chance to escape injury. Georgia victims of truck accidents must be cautious of companies that try and shift the blame away from their drivers in an attempt to lessen their liability. Truck accident injuries are often catastrophic and life-changing, and therefore, victims of such accidents may need legal help.

A real tragedy occurs when teens are killed in car accidents

A tragic single-car accident on a recent Wednesday led to the death of a 17-year-old Georgia youth. The teenager was traveling with an 18 year old. Fatal car accidents are always tragic, but when teenagers or children are the victims, they are even more disconcerting.

Georgia car accidents: Teen pedestrian a fatal hit and run victim

As Georgia teenagers get older, they are often afforded more freedom. Unfortunately, this means there are also more opportunities for them to be involved in accidents. Across the nation, far too many parents lose their teenage children to car accidents, and in some of those cases, the teen is not even in a vehicle. One set of parents got a call that no parent should ever have to receive -- their teenage son's body was found on a local roadway.

Georgia car accidents: 2 teens dead and 1 injured

Car accidents usually happen when drivers least expect them. When car accidents do happen, they can cause victims to suffer from a number of serious injuries and can also result in death. Regrettably, two Georgia teens died in a recent car crash that happened in Franklin County.