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Georgia SUV Accidents: Rollover statistics are concerning

Sport utility vehicles are ever-increasing in popularity. The gas mileage offered on these vehicles is better than ever before and the size and comforts provided are quite exceptional. Many Georgia residents may feel these are some of the safest automobiles on the market; however, statistics show that SUV accidents -- particularly rollover accidents -- are a a real concern.

The compilation of statistics regarding SUV rollovers and deaths has been added to the state's consumers affairs protection website. The numbers offered here are rather eye opening and could be considered good general knowledge for the public to have. These statistics were gathered from a number of national sources and are not specific to Georgia drivers.

According to the data provided, about 50 percent of Americans feel they are safer when driving an SUV. Despite this sense of security, according to data from 2006, approximately 47 percent of driver deaths can be related to single-vehicle SUV rollover crashes. In that same year, SUVs reportedly had the highest fatality rate compared to any other vehicle involved in a rollover collision. Information from the National Traffic Safety Administration suggests that SUVs simply have a greater tendency to rollover as well.

SUV accidents, specifically single-vehicle rollover crashes, do seem to occur at an alarming rate. The causes of these accidents vary, but if negligence is suspected on the driver's part, those injured or those who have lost a loved one due to the wreck may be entitled to legal recourse. Personal injury or wrongful death claims may be filed in a Georgia civil court. If the driver, or owner of the vehicle, believed to be responsible is found liable, compensation may be granted to the victim or -- in the event of death -- the victim's family for any financial losses suffered as a direct result of the incident.

Source: Governor's Office of Consumer Protection, "SUV Rollover Accident and Death Statistics", , Sept. 30, 2014

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