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Georgia Car Accidents: 4 injured in accordion-style crash

Everyone has their typical morning routine; for some this involves getting the kids out the door for school, while others need to get to work or school themselves. A significant number of Georgia residents end up in their car, shuttling around to where they need to be, as part of this routine. For an unfortunate few, these routines are interrupted by car accidents. Currently, such an incident involving several vehicles is under investigation by local police.

The crash occurred recently at a stop light on South Fulton Parkway in Union City. According to preliminary reports, a police officer in an SUV K-9 unit collided with the back-end of a sedan. The force of impact from this initial accident caused the sedan to strike the rear-end of an SUV and subsequently pushed the SUV into the back of flatbed truck that was supposedly stopped at a red light. The officer, two occupants in the sedan and the driver of the SUV were all injured and transported to a medical facility for treatment.

At this time, investigating officers have not released an official cause for this accident. It was noted that the sun may have been a contributing factor, as the accident occurred in the morning and all vehicles involved were headed eastbound, though the authorities are looking into every possible cause. It has not been reported if any citations have been or will be handed out to anyone involved.

Georgia residents who have been injured in car accidents like this may end up requiring a considerable amount of medical care. This can lead to unexpected time away from both family and work obligations and can put a substantial strain on finances. Though the cause of this particular crash is still being determined, those injured retain the right to file a personal injury claim in order to seek compensation for any financial losses and pain and suffering they have experienced as a result of this truly unfortunate incident. A successful claim must be based upon evidence of negligence by another party to the collision.

Source:, "Union City officer, 4 others injured followiing wreck", , Oct. 6, 2014

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