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Recent campaign in Georgia focused on reducing truck accidents

In our last post, we wrote about the dangers associated with distracted driving. A campaign in Georgia to tackle this very issue with truck drivers recently took place in the Atlanta area. Truck accidents are a major concern as the results are often tragic, and distracted driving only adds to the possibility of these incidents occurring.

Operation D.R.I.V.E lasted just a few days, but its overall purpose was to collect data that will improve road safety for years to come. During this event, law enforcement officers focused their attention on commercial vehicle drivers who were failing keep their attention on the road. One of the biggest things officers looked for were truckers using cell phones. It is illegal for truck drivers to hold cell phones while driving, though some admit that even hands-free devices are somewhat distracting. Portable electronic devices are not going away, but drivers -- whether they are in a car or semi -- need to understand the dangers these devices pose to themselves and others when used behind the wheel.

Georgia supposedly ranks fourth in fatal truck accidents nationwide. With this ranking, it is understandable that state officials want to do more to improve road rules and road safety. Data obtained from operations such as this will only help lawmakers decide what changes need to be made.

While this campaign was designed to help bring awareness to the problems associated with truck drivers and distracted driving, accidents are still a very real concern. Truck accidents typically have serious, if not fatal, consequences. Georgia residents who have been negatively affected by such an event may feel lost and unsure of what they can do about it. If they (or the family of a fatal victim) so choose, legal claims may be filed against the truck driver and possibly their employer in an effort to seek compensation for the financial losses suffered in the crash. While this compensation can't make up for everything, it can provide for any monetary distress endured and help the victim and/or their family members get through this trying time without having to worry about the devastating effects incidents like this can have on their financial situation.

Source:, "New campaign targets distracted truck drivers", , Sept. 16, 2014

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