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Motorcycle accidents all too common in Georgia

Motorcycles can be thrilling to ride. They offer a sense of freedom not typically felt when driving a regular passenger vehicle. However, motorcycles are also harder for other motorists to see, which is a leading cause of motorcycle accidents in Georgia.

Not seeing a motorcyclist isn't and shouldn't be a good enough excuse for other drivers involved in a motorcycle accident. Their inability to see or lack of paying attention to the road can have severe consequences for motorcyclists. If negligence is suspected in causing the crash, it may be possible to hold the driver deemed responsible accountable for any injuries suffered.

While motorcycle riders do have protective equipment available, this equipment simply isn't enough to fully protect them from the force of a larger vehicle. Because of this lack of protection, when accidents do occur, serious-to-fatal injuries may result. A list of injuries typically seen in motorcycle accidents can be viewed on our Augusta Motorcycle Accident Attorneys page.

Injuries, death and financial hardship for the victim or their surviving family members are all very stark realities that may follow motorcycle accidents. Those in Georgia who have been negatively affected by a motorcycle accident don't have to bear the burdens associated with the crash on their own. An attorney who has experience in motorcycle accident cases can help victims and/or their loved ones receive fair compensation for the many losses they may have suffered as a result of the collision.

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