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July 2014 Archives

Georgia car accidents: On-duty police officer injured in crash

Few people question the hardships police officers face while on the job. They are exposed to dangers on an almost daily basis that few will ever see. Sadly, because of the nature of their position, injuries happen. Car accidents are just one of the many dangers police officers across Georgia face.

Car accidents often responsible for injuries Georgia

A massive wreck on Georgia State Route 20 is responsible for sending four people to area hospitals. Multi-vehicle car accidents like this one are responsible for numerous injuries in Georgia and across the country. As these collisions impact so many people throughout the year on physical, financial and emotional levels, they deserve some attention.

Truck accidents can lead to severe injuries for Georgia residents

As the number of semi trailers on the roads increase, accidents with them also increase. In passenger car versus commercial truck accidents, there is a good chance that the truck will do the most damage, simply from a size and weight standpoint. These incidents are growing in number, not only in Georgia but nationwide, and individuals involved in these accidents often face severe injury or even death.

Over the 4th, Georgia law enforcement cracked down on DUI

Now that the Fourth of July weekend is over, we hope all of our readers had an enjoyable three days. Summer holidays are for having fun with family and friends. Sadly, some people take the “fun” past the point of responsibility and drive drunk. This puts everyone on the road at risk of serious injury, right when traffic is heavy with holiday vacationers.

Accident with tanker truck puts Georgia woman in critical condition

A Georgia woman was in critical condition on June 28, hours after she was rescued from the scene of a fiery crash between her vehicle and a tanker truck. Little is known about this truck accident so far, but it appears that the woman was rear-ended, causing her truck to burst into flames.