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Augusta Motor Vehicle Accident Law Blog

Hidden injuries are a threat: Get medical care after a crash

You were traveling to see a friend when the worst situation you could imagine happened. A large truck lost control on the road in front of you, and its trailer struck your vehicle. You had no time to react before having your vehicle launched head-on into the median strip.

You were shocked to find that you could exit your car and walk away without feeling that you had any serious injuries. You were shaken up, but other than that, you felt fine. You called 911 and waited for the emergency team to arrive, but you just wanted to go home. You weren't hurt anyway, right?

Painkiller addiction can lead to jail time in Georgia

Scientists have found ways to make incredibly potent and pure painkillers available to individuals suffering from extreme medical conditions. These medicines, such as oxycodone and fentanyl, offer pain relief to people in dire need.

Unfortunately, many people who receive prescriptions for these medications may become addicted to them and dependent long after the doctor no longer wants to prescribe them. It is also possible for people to purchase a few pills from a friend and wind up with a bad habit as a way of self-medicating for emotional issues or physical pain.

Street drugs: Illegal and risky

There are many kinds of drugs in the world. Some are made in manufacturing facilities. Others are street drugs made in self-made laboratories by individuals creating illicit mixtures.

Of the drugs that are available, street drugs are some of the most dangerous. They have no guarantee of safety and may pose a serious threat to your health. So-called designer drugs are intended to stimulate the brain and increase dopamine levels, to reduce pain and even to induce feelings of euphoria. Unfortunately, it's not easy to know what's in these drugs, which is why they so easily lead to overdoses.

Dividing IRAs in a divorce: From your options to tax consequences

If your marriage is heading toward divorce, it's critical to make a list of your assets and debts. Retirement accounts are often among the most valuable assets, thus making them a sticking point in your divorce.

Knowing how to divide IRAs in a divorce can help you make informed decisions that protect your financial interests now and in the future.

Parental separation can create child custody conflicts

When most people consider child custody issues, they often think of custody conflicts during a divorce, or between unmarried parents who choose to end their relationship. However, child custody issues can also arise when married parents choose to separate, whether or not their separation ends in divorce. In some cases, separating for a period of time to work on conflicts helps parents identify the underlying issues and can lead to a stronger marriage and stronger family overall.

If a separation lasts for an extended period of time, it is useful to consider a child custody arrangement to ensure that both parents continue to spend time with their children, particularly if the children are still young or if the separation is longer than a few weeks. If you find yourself facing separation from your spouse, working out a fair custody arrangement helps both you and your spouse keep your child's best interests protected while keeping your own parental rights secure.

Defending your parenting time rights

The time that a parent spends with their child is irreplaceable, both for the parent and the child. For parents who raise their children separately after divorce, sharing this time can lead to serious conflicts that affect the whole family. This is particularly true when one or both parents undermine each other's authority and rights to spend their parenting time the way they choose.

When one parent takes away another's time with their child, or when a parent's behavior manipulates their child against the other parent, this may qualify as parenting time interference. Courts take parenting time rights seriously, and may punish a parent who violates parenting time guidelines with loss of parenting privileges, mandatory make-up days for lost parenting time, and even criminal charges, in some cases.

Could virtual visitation work for you and your children?

If you don't have physical custody of your children, there's a good chance you have visitation rights.

While face-to-face visits are extremely important to maintaining a healthy relationship with your children, there may be a few challenges standing in your way. For example, if you travel a lot for business, it may be difficult to carve out time in your schedule to spend time with your children.

Do you have rights as a grandparent to visitation time?

As social norms change, the laws that guide critical decisions change as well. Grandparents' rights were legally non-existent in most places just a few decades ago. With the increasing risk of the opioid epidemic and other familial issues giving rise to grandparents raising their grandchildren, more grandparents are eager to protect their relationship with their grandchildren through legal means.

Some states have taken steps to legally enshrine the rights of grandparents. Others analyze situations on a case-by-case basis, focusing on the situation instead of any statute. Grandparents in Georgia or South Carolina may want to establish legal rights to their grandchildren or protect an existing relationship. Learning a little more about how the courts handle these situations can help you make better decisions about your family.

Co-parenting with a virtual stranger can be challenging

When married couples with children divorce, they have their previous relationship to look back on when plotting their new co-parenting roles. While that can be both good and bad, it, at least, provides a familiar framework upon which a co-parenting relationship can be built.

But not all co-parenting relationships arise from failed marriages or even relationships. Some babies are born as a result of one-night stands or other fleeting and nebulous relationships between the parents. These situations can pose many dilemmas because, in reality, the parents may hardly know one another.

4 ways to deal with the stress of divorce

For many people, divorce can be absolutely devastating. It often elicits a roller coaster of emotions that can be mentally and physically taxing. When you experience these kinds of overwhelming emotions, they can take over and you might feel like your life is spinning out of control. This is not uncommon for either men or women going through a divorce. But, if left unchecked, the emotional effects of divorce can have long-term negative consequences.

When going through a divorce, it is important to focus on what you need to be healthy and happy. This will alleviate a great deal of the stress that typically comes hand-in-hand with the divorce process. Here are a few ways you can combat the negative aspects of ending a marriage.