Serious Accidents Can Occur Anywhere

Based on the sheer amount of foot traffic, retail establishments are a likely place for individuals to slip, trip and fall. If you fell in a store or the store's parking lot, schedule a free consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

Falls can be precipitated by numerous factors, including broken tiles, cracked pavement, spilled liquids, water on the restroom floor, or rainwater that was not properly cleaned or signed. Depending on the circumstances, your fall can result in significant injuries such as broken bones, brain injuries, torn ligaments or muscle sprains. A lawyer at Floyd Leopard, LLP, can explain your options for compensation and guide you through the process of a personal injury claim.

Parking Lots · Parking Garages · Slippery Floors

If you fall in a department store or grocery store, it is important that you take pictures of the area. If you tripped over a stack of products or slipped on a spilled liquid, it is likely that the store team will rectify this hazard shortly after you notify management that you were injured. It is wise to have your own record of what the area looked like when you fell.

Once these pictures are taken, you should notify the store's leadership team that you were injured while shopping. They can fill out an incident report with your help that accurately describes what happened. Whether it was a trip-and-fall or a slip-and-fall accident at a retail store, having a skilled lawyer on your side is important.

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