Augusta Truck Accident Lawyers

Catastrophic Injuries Have A Permanent Impact On Your Life

The mass of a truck virtually guarantees that any other vehicle it impacts will sustain heavy damage and the driver and passengers will sustain catastrophic injuries. Meanwhile, that same mass frequently protects the truck driver from harm. Trucking companies do their best to mitigate liability for accidents their drivers cause. Don't let the trucking company blame its driver's negligence on you. Talk to our Augusta attorneys about your truck accident.

At Floyd Leopard, LLP, we know the terrible change your life can take when you have been catastrophically injured in a tractor-trailer accident. Our lawyers have helped hundreds of injured people in Georgia gain the compensation they need to cover their medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and other costs associated with their injuries. We stand up to the trucking company and its insurance carrier on your behalf, fighting for your best interests.

Holding Those Responsible For Your Injuries Accountable

Many trucking companies send an investigator to the scene of the accident as soon as the driver reports in. This person's job is to assess the situation and mitigate as much fault as possible so the trucking company doesn't take the blame. You may be approached by this person at the accident scene or at the hospital. Do not answer his or her questions. Wait to talk to our lawyers.

We investigate your accidents thoroughly and obtain evidence from the crash scene, including data from the truck's black box whenever possible. When needed, we work with accident reconstruction experts to show who is truly at fault for the harm done to you. We also consult with your doctor and other medical experts to calculate the damage you have sustained, as well as what it will take for you to recover and have a decent quality of life.

We bring this information to the trucking company and its insurance carrier to negotiate for fair and full compensation on your behalf. If you are not given what you need to cover all the costs of your injuries, we are experienced trial lawyers and will not hesitate to take your case to court.

Let Us Help You Get What You Need To Recover After An Accident

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