Holding Your Insurer Responsible For Bad Faith Tactics

At Floyd Leopard, LLP, we stand up for Georgia insurance policyholders who file legitimate claims, only to have them unfairly denied. Months and years of timely premium payments have resulted in unfair policy coverage decisions for no justifiable reason. The insurance company has fallen short of their duties to honor signed contracts and the claims made by their customers.

Many of our clients they are going through enough pain and suffering after a car accident or premises liability claim. We strive to even the odds you face through filing an insurance bad faith claim to secure the benefits and other damages you deserve.

Individualized Strategies To Counter Bad Faith Tactics

The initial decision of the insurance company is not necessarily the final. You do not have to accept the denied claim without questioning it or disputing it. Insurance bad faith can take many forms. From failing to defend policyholders and investigate claims to delayed payments and outright threats against their own customers, the lack of action requires immediate action by an experienced attorney.

You do not have to accept a refusal to settle or a denial of a valid claim. If you suspect bad faith by your insurance company, the lawyers at Floyd Leopard, LLP, have the skills, knowledge and experience to help you overcome the obstacles.

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