Augusta Property Division Lawyers

Helping You Get What You Need From Your Marriage To Move Forward

Each person contributes to a marriage, which means each person gets to take a portion of the marital property in a divorce. Figuring out how to divide your lives can get very complicated and cause a great deal of stress. Our Augusta attorneys can help you with property division to ensure you have what you need to start over.

At Floyd Leopard, LLP, we understand how hard property division can be. It's not just about who gets the house or the car; it's also about who gets the smaller things that are of emotional importance. We guide you through this process and support you as you make the decisions that will affect the rest of your life. Our combination of aggressive representation and compassionate service will help you get your share of the marital property.

Dividing Your Marital Life Equitably

Both Georgia and South Carolina are equitable division states. Equitable doesn't always mean equal. If one spouse is more financially disadvantaged, he or she may receive a greater share of the marital property to ensure his or her financial stability after the divorce.

We sit down with you and examine your financial situation as well as that of your spouse. We discuss what are marital property and assets versus personal property and assets you don't need to share. We help you evaluate your needs and prioritize what you want to walk away with so we know your goals and can negotiate with your spouse and his or her lawyer on your behalf.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in dealing with these and other property division issues:

  • Dividing businesses
  • Business and property valuations
  • Dividing retirement assets
  • Dividing stock portfolios
  • Dividing marital debt
  • High net worth property division
  • Distinguishing between marital and personal property

Let Us Help You Begin Your New Life

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