Grandparents' Rights

Learn Your Rights Once And For All

As a grandparent, you may have visitation rights of your grandchildren as well as even custody in the event that the child's parents are deemed unfit. The laws defining your rights vary from state to state and therefore it can be a very complex process. When you want to see your grandchild and are not being given such an opportunity, it may be necessary to seek legal attention and that is where we can assist you at Floyd Leopard, LLP.

We work in both South Carolina and Georgia to assist grandparents who wish to establish and enforce their legal rights. Once we learn of all the details, we can provide you with specific guidance outlining the scope of your rights. Every situation is different, and therefore we cannot guarantee any specific outcome without being aware of all the relevant facts.

What Needs To Happen

The only way to find out what your rights are as a grandparent is to speak to an attorney. We have the experience in these laws and are able to guide you one step at a time. There may be all sorts of ways for you to establish visitation rights and we are happy to work with you on these. Family matters can become complicated and when you are looking out for the best interests of a child, we will see to it that a judge takes notice.

Discover Your Rights Now

Grandparents' rights, when available, are a very real thing and you can use them to your advantage when wishing to spend time with your grandchildren and look out for what is in their best interests. Schedule a free initial consultation with us today by calling 800-785-6894.