Augusta Assault And Battery Defense Lawyers

An Angry Swing Can Land You In Jail

Charges of assault and battery can result in some very stiff penalties if you are not careful. What started out as a misunderstanding or a moment of anger can end up as a felony charge, depending on the circumstances and the way prosecutors choose to handle it. Make sure your rights are protected. Talk to our Augusta attorneys for an aggressive defense against assault and battery charges.

Floyd Leopard, LLP, has an excellent reputation for aggressive representation with compassionate service. Our experienced trial lawyers have served as prosecutors and as defense. We know how the other side thinks and how to counter their moves to protect your rights and your freedom. We understand what a potential felony charge can do to your life and we will do everything in our power to prevent it.

Differences In Assault And Battery Charges On Either Side Of The River

Georgia and South Carolina assault and battery laws are fairly similar. There are differences in the seriousness of the crime and in the penalties. For instance:

  • Georgia separates out assault and battery charges, where South Carolina does not.
  • Georgia defines assault as possible or perceived injury to the person and battery as actual physical touch or injury of the person.
  • South Carolina defines assault and battery to include inappropriate touching.
  • South Carolina has a more defined grading of seriousness than Georgia.
  • Georgia penalties run from one year to 20 years in prison, depending on the charges.
  • South Carolina penalties run from 30 days to 20 years in prison, depending on the charges.

Prosecutors may try to increase the charges against you after your arrest, depending on the situation, the injury or perceived injury to the individual and other factors.

Our attorneys can help you determine what you may face and your available options, depending on which side of the river the alleged event occurred. They will be completely honest with you about your situation and the potential consequences of your choices. Whether you are charged with aggravated assault or charges of assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature, we will defend your rights and fight to get the best possible outcome in your case.

Do Not Let The Prosecution Make A Potentially Bad Situation Worse

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