Augusta Armed Robbery And Burglary Defense Attorneys

You Cannot Afford To Spend The Next 10 Years In Prison

Georgia requires a 10-year mandatory minimum sentence, without parole, which can be extended to life in prison, for a felony conviction of armed robbery. Burglary charges carry up to 20 years. If you have been charged with one of these crimes, you want a savvy, knowledgeable Augusta lawyer on your side who has experience with armed robbery and burglary defense.

Felony charges carry very serious penalties beyond prison time and can affect the rest of your life. At Floyd Leopard, LLP, we understand this and will do everything in our power to reduce the potential impact these charges can have. Our attorneys are former prosecutors with intimate knowledge of the law and the legal system. We will protect your rights and defend your freedom.

Serious Penalties For Theft Crimes

Both Georgia and South Carolina have penalties ranging from two to 30 years for armed robbery and burglary charges. There are varying degrees of charges, depending on the circumstances and the outcome of the crime committed. For instance, in Georgia, robbery by intimidation is a lesser offense than armed robbery. Both states consider these crimes felonies and prosecutors will do their best to put you away for the crime.

Our main goal is to get the best possible outcome in your case. We review the evidence against you and look for all possible avenues to pursue in getting charges reduced, suppressing evidence or finding alternatives to prevent several years of your life being wasted in prison. Our extensive trial experience puts us in an excellent position to argue your case either in negotiations with the prosecution or in front of a judge and jury. Put your future in our hands.

Let Us Protect Your Rights And Freedom

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